Jedyne, co mamy do zrobienia w zyciu, to radowac sie nim... Doswiadczac, eksperymentowac, bawic sie... Plakac, i smiac sie, prbowac, zaczynac od nowa, podnosic sie i... Radowac, ze mozemy zaczac od poczatku... Jedyne, co mamy do zrobienia w zyciu, to radowac sie nim...

About me




Let me introduce myself. My name is Jowita.
I am a happy wife and mother.
I live near Wroclaw. I have tried many different things in my life.



My professions are both a teacher and a manager:

  • A master’s degree in pedagogy, 1995 – University of Wroclaw,
  • Two – year postgraduate studies in management and administration in public healthcare, 1995 – 1997 (a diploma in 1998) – Medical College of Jagiellonian University in Krakow,
  • Four – year postgraduate PhD studies in Management and Social Communication department of Jagiellonian University, 1997-2002.

I have always been fascinated with a human being, his potential and the optimal conditions for his development. I studied public health in Holland – I graduated from Maastricht University with a MA degree in 2002.

As far as I remember I have been searching for myself:

  • I danced in Gabrielle Roth Five Rhythms workshops(classes were led by a Swedish coach Berit Hague),
  • I learnt nonviolent communication according to Marshall Rosenberg in Warsaw during the workshops run by a coach called Ewa Orlowska, and in Wroclaw in classes conducted by Rani Spets Edgren,
  • I participated in many arrangements of Family Constellations by Bert Hellinger(classes were given by Anna Grenik, Maria Wyczalek, Maria Piegowska and Barbara Wojcik),
  • I trained MA-Uri massage under supervision of Danuta Adamczyk,
  • I also attended a lot of self development workshops.

Each of them was a fascinating way of discovering myself under friendly and attentive care of brilliant coaches and teachers.

When in 2002 I got known the method of working with combined breathing, so called rebrithing, I felt that it is the moment in my I life I found something I could stick to.

I finished two – year – long Swedish “Prana Vision” school, where I studied rebrithing. The lecturers and coaches in that school were the founder of the school Rani Spets Edgren and Lena Christina Tuulse Wadenmark, Bo Wahlstrom, and a Polish coach Anna Grenik. In 2006 I got an international diploma of self development and breathwork.

My master and teacher I follow and look up to is Rani Spets Edgren.

In 2007 I founded a firm called “PRZYSTAN”, in which I carry out a range of activity:

self development, interpersonal communication, management, etc.

I assist my teacher Rani Spets Edgren in open workshops and in the “Prana Vision” school for coaches of breathwork. Starting from the third edition of the school I am a host teacher and I lead independent classes by myself.

I enjoy breathing a combined breath (during breath sessions), as well as assisting and helping my clients and participants of the workshops with their work with themselves.

What I do in my life nowadays is not only the work itself, but it is also and above all the way of living…, happy and fulfilled living…

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