Jedyne, co mamy do zrobienia w zyciu, to radowac sie nim... Doswiadczac, eksperymentowac, bawic sie... Plakac, i smiac sie, prbowac, zaczynac od nowa, podnosic sie i... Radowac, ze mozemy zaczac od poczatku... Jedyne, co mamy do zrobienia w zyciu, to radowac sie nim...

About breathing

“Without a divine spirit we are only a set of cells made from a small number of simple elements occurring on our planet. The Holy Bible says that a man was brought to life by breathing in the life into clay by God. I understand that as a symbol of a creation act, thanks to which a spirit goes into our cells changing them into living bodies. At the same time our breath is simultaneously a symbol and a method of achieving excellence and accomplishment of life.

Some traditions claim that life starts with the first breath and finishes with the last one. That is our ability of breathing that keeps our lives in our bodies. The knowledge how to support our vital forces when we are in bad shape or when we feel a sense of loss keeps us healthy and fit at all levels. (…) To produce an aimed effect one needs to work on improving their breathing at each level, physical, intellectual and spiritual.

James Morningstar

“Rebrithing. Respiration with light”

Without water we can survive a few days, without food from a few to almost two weeks, without breathing only  few minutes. The amount of air we breathe in every day is approximately five times more than the quantity of food and drink we consume. Why do we pay so much attention to this basic and central function of our bodies as breathing?

The meaning and importance of breathing for good health and mental state was known from the prehistoric times. Only the western societies and cultures have forgotten about these vital aspects of breathing. In China, Japan, India and Tibet the spiritual tradition of breathing has always been kept, for example, various forms of yoga and Chinese techniques of breathwork.

Only in modern times the importance of breath has been discovered again in the western countries. In the twentieth century, one of the precursors of conscious use of breath in the work with people was Wilhelm Reich, the creator of somatic psychotherapy. His follower Alexander Lowen, the author of the term “bioenergetics”, also recognized the meaning of breath for human life.

The method I use is work with a combined breath. This is the method that was launched in the seventies of the 20th century by Leonard Orr. It has different roots and it is said to be based on old Hindu and Indian breath techniques that go back to 1000 years BC. In his work Leonard Orr discovered that breathing combined breath can heal many blocks (traumas) in the body that were developed at the moment of birth and in a farther life. In English the method is called rebirthing that can be explained as being born once more.

The work with a combined breath is a technique of deep relaxation. The method leads to having a better contact with oneself, widens intellectual perspectives, opens up the body to energy flowing through it, frees and removes blocks on physical, psychic and emotional levels. The method itself is very simple and at the same time very powerful. The method is often accompanied by other forms of care, for example, taken by nurses and doctors, psychologists and teachers, and by many others who want to improve the quality of their lives.

Leonard Orr recommends participation in about ten breathing sessions (group or individual) under supervision of a trainer. After gaining some experience one can use this method on one’s own at home.

Everything we are surrounded by is energy. The emotions we feel are energy as well, energy that flows through our bodies. If the flow is free, the energy appears in the body, we can feel the energy and after some time it goes away. Considering various circumstances we do not often have opportunities to express our emotions freely (in  love and respect for others and ourselves) that causes tension and creates blocks in our bodies. The work with a combined breath teaches how to deal with such situations and states,  and having a better contact with oneself.

As James Morningstar said in his book, “Breath is a bridge – rainbow, that unites the body, the mind and the spirit” and if the three aspects of a human being cooperate and are in harmony everyone has opportunities to use boundless potential that  was given to us by God to live healthy, happy and joyful lives.

Alexander Lowen “The spirituality of the body. How to heal the body and the soul”

Gunnel Minnet  “An overview on breathwork”

James Morningstar  “Rebrithing. Respiration with light”

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